Domestic & Family Violence (DFV) is complex and, sadly, ever-adapting through the harmful use of technology. Australian telcos have long managed the growing challenge of domestic and family violence, but never before has there been an industry-wide framework like this.

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Industry Impact Hub

Established by the Telco Together Foundation, the Industry Impact Hub is where industry leaders come together to discuss and take action on collaborative approaches to some of the most complex social challenges confronting our communities.

Through the Industry Impact Hub we:

  • Create projects that build on the industry’s strengths of
    technology, reach and resources.
  • Identify approaches that benefit from industry-wide involvement
    and can be scaled to support the wider community.
  • Work with members to deliver tangible
    and measurable outcomes.
  • Seek opportunities for greater engagement between the
    industry and the non-profit sector.

The cause areas that have been identified for collaborative action are Domestic & Family Violence and Modern Slavery.

We all have a role to play in addressing Domestic & Family Violence.

Julie Inman Grant
eSafety Commissioner

DFV Roundtable Objectives


To create a more consistent experience in our response as telcos to customers and employees impacted by domestic and family violence.


To provide an integrated approach to a telco’s response to DFV, across organisational structure, product, culture and training.


To provide a pathway for improvement, for telcos of any size, either embarking on or strengthening their DFV approach.


To recognise telcos’ efforts towards responding to the issue of DFV.


To reinforce and support published DFV recommendations and guidelines from industry and DFV-specialist organisations.


To educate customers and employees about DFV and measures that can be taken to support people impacted.

Domestic & Family Violence
Action Plan Framework

Never before has there been an industry-wide framework that assimilates best practice guidance from a diverse group of Government, Industry and Domestic & Family Violence (DFV) Specialist Organisations.

Developed in collaboration with Telstra, Optus, TPG Telecom, Vocus Group and Aussie Broadband, the framework includes a comprehensive and standardised set of guidelines for training telco employees on how to best support victims/survivors and ultimately reduce instances of domestic and family violence.

By starting a Domestic & Family Violence Action Plan, the goal is to ensure that no stone is left unturned when developing your approach to leveraging industry-wide knowledge and experience of the issue.

The framework is scheduled for release in February 2022 but telcos are encouraged to come together to learn more about the complexities of the issue, its relevance to the industry and to get ready for the launch of this important and useful tool.

In Consultation With

The DFV Action Plan framework has been developed in consultation with the following organisations:

There is no simple solution to the growing domestic and family violence crisis society is facing, but a telco industry framework is a step towards lasting change.

We all deserve to live in a community that is equal and free, and Telstra is committed to ensuring anyone experiencing domestic and family violence has access to safe and secure communications.

Andrew Penn
Chief Executive Officer

Adapt Action Plan

Even the most socially responsible telcos have to continuously adapt and evolve to their ever-changing environments.

The purpose and focus of the Adapt Action Plan is to review your approach to the issue of domestic and family violence within the context of your newest employees and customers and/or your strategy.

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As a founding member of the Telco Together Foundation, Vocus is proud to be part of the industry’s collaborative stance against domestic and family violence.

While technology can offer a lifeline for anyone experiencing domestic and family violence, it can also be used as a tool for abuse. It’s critical that our industry works together to ensure that those impacted by domestic and family violence can stay safely connected to the people and services that can provide the support they need.

Kevin Russell
Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer
Vocus Group

Embed Action Plan

Your products and services are your best and sometimes your only opportunity for customers to interact with your employees. With 1 in 6 women and 1 in 16 men in Australia having experienced physical or sexual violence from a current or previous cohabiting partner, we know that your customers and employees are not immune.

The Embed Action Plan places DFV victims/survivors at the centre of your products and services.

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Domestic and family violence is a destructive force which causes untold harm in our society, and we all have a responsibility to help victim-survivors.

At TPG Telecom, we have processes in place to support customers experiencing or fleeing abuse, and ten days’ domestic violence leave available for our employees.

Collectively we can make a bigger impact and we stand together with other telcos to develop unanimous, industry-wide standards.

Iñaki Berroeta
Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director
TPG Telecom

Tailor Action Plan

An appropriate response to one customer may be a harmful response to another.

The Tailor Action Plan enables a telco to deviate away from mainstream processes and systems, to be able to customise an individualised response to the victim/survivor. Employees are given the authority to be able to provide this tailored response.

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Domestic and family violence is an insidious blight on Australian society, and some of the emerging trends in technology-facilitated abuse are horrendous and complex.

Under our value of being good to people, we are unequivocally committed to supporting our staff and customers who are experiencing DFV. If we can help other telcos to deliver that same support, we count that as a win for families, for the industry, for Australia.”

Phillip Britt
Managing Director
Aussie Broadband

Influence Action Plan

The purpose and focus of the Influence Action Plan is to extend your sphere of influence beyond your immediate employees and customers, to the wider community.

As an industry, we are unique in that we have direct access to nearly every business and consumer in the country. That provides an opportunity for a level of responsibility that goes beyond company-specific customers and employees.

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This is an incredibly important and complex issue which requires a collaborative approach.

Optus is proud to have contributed to the framework and to see the industry united in its efforts to support those impacted by Domestic and Family Violence.

Kelly Bayer Rosmarin
Chief Executive Officer

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