Domestic and Family Violence (DFV) Action Plan Reports

In this repository, you will find a collection of DFV Action Plan Reports submitted by telecommunications companies that have pledged to continually improve their support for their customers and employees who are/may be victims and survivors of DFV. 

DFV Action Plan Reports, submitted to Telco Together Foundation, are the final step organisations need to undertake when producing their DFV Action Plans. Pledging telcos also submit an Annual Update, summarising continued progress.

Telcos must complete required minimum criteria (stipulated in the DFV Action Framework) in order to complete their Action Plan, and their report. Telco Together Foundation checks the report for completeness, against the required criteria. The reports in this repository are a summary of an extensive set of measures in the Framework that the organisations have actioned, to respond to and prevent DFV within their workplaces and communities.

Action Plans, Reports and Annual Updates are signed by the telco Chief Executive Officer.

A comprehensive response to the complex and critical subject of DFV can take time, requiring comprehensive planning across an organisation before implementation. The Action Plans and Reports are not hierarchical and do not signify a telco ‘league table’ or ranking. Instead, they provide a structured roadmap for continued reflection, improvement and adaptation over time.

This DFV Action Plan Repository is a growing resource, with new submissions continually added over time. Our aim is to collectively build on and expand this telco movement to respond to and reduce DFV, further across the industry.

By sharing these DFV Action Plans publicly, these telcos are fostering engagement, inspiring others, and amplifying the impact of collaboration with Telco Together Foundation, on behalf of the Australian Telco Industry to combat DFV. For more information please contact Carin Lavery via

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